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Client Testimonials

How was your experience with Benefit Plans?: 5
Are you satisfied with the level of service you received?: 5
Were we thorough in our explanation?: 5
Did we follow up with you promptly?: 5
Were you treated courteously?: 5
Would you recommend Benefit Plans to your friends and family?: 5
"So helpful from the first phone call to getting the process completed. There is a lot of information to try and decide what is the best option to take, and I could not have asked for anyone to be more informative in helping us work through the mess the Gov. helps to make as confusing as possible!" - Brady Smith 11/1/16

"I was amazed at how efficiently all of the information was presented to me by Grayce. Grayce was easy to follow, as she explained the process. She made me feel so comfortable with decisions that I was facing, after retiring from the Public School System. Not only was Grayce extremely knowledgeable with this process, but she was passionate about my needs. She was always available - I never had to wait. She followed through with every promise, must of which was on the spot. I am so pleased to also have the opportunity to contact her to continue following up and help with other foreseeable needs. What a pleasant experience this has been with this company, Benefits Plans, Inc., to be able to entrust my personal information and needs to. Grayce has a special trustworthiness that made me feel comfortable and secure. Thank you for your hard work for me, Grayce!!" - Teresa Conlon 8/15/2015

"Are you having a hard time understanding health insurance policies, and maybe losing sleep? Then go TODAY to see Grayce Carter at Benefit Plans Inc. You will leave confident that you made the right choices. See Grayce TODAY and go home and get a good night sleep!" - "G" O. 7/9/15

"Grayce Carter is professional, helpful, caring and so nice! Myself, and I'm sure thousands of other people did not and still do not understand the Obama healthcare! Grayce was patient and so willing to help find the right plan for me. Cannot thank her enough for all the hours she spent with me finding what would work best for me! She is definitely an asset to Benefit Plans!" - Laurie R. 6/29/15

"I can't thank Grayce Carter enough for her pleasant, patient manner as we try to navigate through our health care options. She was most informative, took the time to break through the medical jargon, and was able to bring to our attention components of different policies that we never would have seen. Not only did she address our current needs, but was also on top of changes we will incur in 6 months. Could not have done it without Grayce and Benefit Plans, Inc." - Cathy C. 6/26/15

"Gracie was so helpful with me and I needed to get things done quickly and she was able to help with my situation. And I highly recommend this company they are great." - Carol T. 6/26/15

"It's what happens after you've signed on to Benefit Plans. The after the sale customer service is exemplary. You ask a question and they will get you the correct answer. I've transitioned from corporate insurance to personal insurance, as has my wife.They have a very highly qualified staff, familiar with all insurance needs, I have and will continue to recommend them for all insurance needs." - Rick H. 6/26/15

"The professionals at Benefit Plans handle my family's health insurance needs and expertly guided me through the process of signing up for Medicare and finding the Medicare supplement policy that best fit my personal needs." - Philip S. 6/26/15

"I'm very thankful to have been referred to Grayce Carter for my health insurance needs. It's no easy feat to make very well-informed suggestions on which plans would be most appropriate for a given individual's situation (especially in the quick-turnaround, "I need it to start very soon" types of situations she must face), but if my experience is any indication, Ms. Carter is more than up to the task. Beyond her clear mastery of the plans/options/details, she was prompt and thorough in her responses to my questions. I look forward to recommending her services to others." - Javier G. 6/25/15

"This is my 2nd year with Benefits Plan. My transition from a company plan to a private plan was quiet a challenge. If not for Grayce Carter helping me thru the entire process I would have lost coverage thru the transition period. Grayce is personable, professional , and will go the extra mile to help you thru your insurance needs. I have recommend this group to my friends." - Homer W. 6/25/15

"Benefits Plans has been very helpful and professional with helping me explorer all our option for Health Insurance for a family plan. With all the new policy's and changes with Health Insurance it can be very overwhelming trying to compare all the options and Benefits Plans was able to answer all of our questions and help us determine what would work best for our family. Their follow up has been second to none." - Holly W. 4/27/15

"Cynthia and Anya were both attentive to our needs, patient with our questions, knowledgeable, professional, and personable. My wife and I choose the supplemental plans they recommended and the Medicare Part D plans that they researched and recommended to best meet our individual needs. Once the policies were in effect they were quick to respond when we had the inevitable questions about coverage, billing from the provides, etc. Once our doctors, dentists, and pharmacies were given our new policy information transactions became seamless. We would highly Benefit Plans, Inc. to anyone trying to wade through the morass of health care options." - Keith C. 4/25/15